This series of drawings focuses on the senses. Each image focuses on the heightened sense of each animal/insect that is represented. A bear has the strongest sense of smell, an eagle sees best in the day; an owl at night, the star nosed mole and its sense of touch, the catfish and its sense of taste.. and so on.

These images were a small part of a bigger installation organized by the now dismantled Artist Bloc in Toronto. You can read and watch more about our first exhibit here:

The Happiness Project takes over a Montreal Apartment

The Happiness Project : In the House @ POP Montreal

The images shown here were inspired by track 4 on The Happiness Project by Charles Spearin and shown in the exhibit in Kingston, On.

My installation for our first installment in Montreal was inspired by track 5: Marisa – pictured in at the very top of this page. My involvement with The Happiness Project began with a short film made to explain the album and how it came to be: