I’m back!

Might try and do more videos in the future, but heres a little one we did for Christina Martin:


Between 2007 and 2010, I worked with Toronto director Christopher Mills, working then with Vision Film Co.

Here is a selection of some of the videos and projects we collaborated on together:

Drawings for The Flood Pt 1 by The Acorn:



Dragonflies for The Acorn video Crooked Legs:


Drawings for Charles Spearins The Happiness Project:



Buck 65: trailer for the film The Lost Tapes (full film can be found on iTunes):


The following is a short video that shows some of my larger set illustration work as well as drawings for projections for the live show (Buck 65 1957 Tour).

Projections & Animations by Christopher Mills, sets built by Geordie Lishman :

Illustrations for Buck 65 Shutterbuggin’


Watercolours for Postdata Tobias Grey:


Underwater drawings for The Dears Disclaimer video:



Background drawings for Ridley Bent Arlington


Drawings and model collaborations with Christopher Mills for Lucie Idlout Angel Street:


Paintings and drawings for Shad Compromise: